White Cats for Winter

A lot has been going on and I owe a ton of emails. It seems like life just gets in the way of life, sometimes, doesn’t it? And there are a ton of things I’d love to blog about, like Michael Vick’s conviction, like the state of the East Village, the fact that the middle class is being completely wiped out by the current administration’s mismanagement of our country’s money and why we pay more attention to Kim Kardashian’s ass than the continuing drainage of funds for an oil war, my loony cat Roquefort, my personal insanity and my long-suffering boyfriend, my awesome Christmas tree, etc. But there just isn’t time.

So I’ll leave you with this today, as I steal a few minutes of personal time at my desk at work.

I often find myself in the audience of one friend or the other, marveling at the fact that I have friends that I truly believe are numbered among the most talented people on our planet. Time and experience have showed me that fame and true talent rarely go hand in hand and it has always seemed a tragedy to me that so many brightly shining stars go largely unsung by the world. I am so grateful that I chose to move to New York and get close to such a talented pool of people, and even though our city is in NYU ruins, I still have occasional moments of fan transcendence, often in half-empty rooms with mediocre sound systems.

One person that always moves me in such a way is my good friend Tara Angell. I went to see her play at the Living Room last Saturday night and once again her songs brought tears to my eyes, and I made a mental note to tell everyone how great she is.

Tara is bad-ass, brutally honest, grounded, and beautiful. Her soul is gentle but powerful. One of my favorite Tara moments: in the basement of Niagara, her shouting down a poorly behaved Brody Dalle with “You’re in my house, now, bitch!” Fuck yeah.

She looks like she should have been part of the Stones entourage in the early 70’s, one of the wealthy European girlfriends rolled up in a giant fur coat. As it is she was not born into that life and toils like the rest of us to keep her art alive. She has the life experience to tell a true story and the heart of a poet. She’s a friend you can count on. She rescues kitties. She’s a brilliant songwriter, has boatloads of charisma, and counts Lucinda Williams among her fans. Please take a listen when you get a chance, here’s a link and she’s also in my top friends:


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