We’re Moving – All Hipsters Must Go!

Wellll…I spent some of the weekend copying and pasting old myspace blogs into the blogger blog (Say it again–blog, blogging, bloggerty, bloggggg) and was slightly embarrassed to notice that there have been more than a couple of crap blogs in my history. But I don’t mind too much because there were some decent ones as well and I can see that it has been great for practice, regardless of topic.

I also decided that it is self-defeating in some ways to continue to post the blogs on myspace as well as blogger, mostly because it splits the comments and traffic. I have never viewed the blog as anything other than a means of personal entertainment and connecting with my friends, but the truth is that if I want to get professional I have to get professional. So if you want to keep up with me, this page is where I’ll be.

And because it’s boring to make you read more than one blog about my blogs, I will spice up your viewing pleasure with these horrendous hipster photos. Please enjoy this opportunity to feel superior to Brooklyn’s over-indulged youth and marvel at more proof that the apocalypse must surely be nigh. Our suffering will soon be at an end, my friends.

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