Brunch With My Fancy Friend Luke

ME:  I’m completely insane. I even exhaust myself.

LUKE:  You know, there are a lot of pretty girls in the world, but the hot ones are are always the damaged ones.

ME:  Well, that’s very comforting, thank you… Ooh! I think I’m going to get the smoked salmon with buckwheat blinis and caviar.

LUKE:  Mmm…No darling. Look at the price. That’s way too inexpensive. They’re using cheap caviar. I won’t allow it.

ME (whining):  It sounds so good!

LUKE:  Nope. Not good. Friends don’t let friends eat cheap caviar. Pick something else.

ME:  Sigh… all right…

LUKE (to the waitress):  We’d like 12 of your West Coast oysters to start, and two more Proseccos please.

ME (clapping hands):  Yippee! More champagne!

LUKE:  Well, of course, silly!

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