Another Party Heard From

ME (sitting in a salon chair): So I’ve been really getting into silent movies on Netflix and TCM lately.

JOEY (brushing dye onto my hair): That’s cool.

ME: Yeah, they’re so visual, and the women look gorgeous, but with a completely different set of beauty standards. I watched Camille with Alla Nazimova and it was so sad and beautiful that I cried through the whole thing.

JOEY:  Well, it must be nice not to have to pay a nickel for it anymore.

ME: What?

JOEY: And you don’t have to stretch your neck up to see the screen while that guy plinks on the piano. That’s gotta be good.

ME: You know, you really are an asshole.

JOEY: Well, I never! Sit still, I have to shave your mustache and it takes a steady hand…
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