Killing Time on a Friday Afternoon

When I’m supposed to be working (shut it, Denise!)…

I see this ad on a billboard every day on my way to work and I am living for it:

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In the immortal words of T.G. Warrior, they all prefer beige wallpaper:

Proof positive that even if you are Dita frigging Von Teese you are not immune to the suffering shit-storm. Ladies, if you have a good man who appreciates your non-beigeness and above-foetal age bracket, make sure you let him know what a champ he is, because it’s a jungle out there and the apes are in charge.

I think these people are balls-to-the-wall, BAD-mothafucking-ASS. And yes, I am aware that featuring the ALF and a Gucci ad in the same blog is a bit contradictory but I think you know which side of the fence my heart belongs to.

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