I got so many emails and comments on that last blog that it seems it needed a follow up, keeping in mind that I am not an expert on anything except my own experience.

Some people expressed a great sadness that they have never heard from their loved ones who have passed. Which is a pretty valid reason to be bummed out. I don’t know why we can’t have more knowledge of how it works on the other side. Maybe we wouldn’t focus on whatever we’re supposed to be doing/learning here if we already knew. I will say that Codie told me through a reading that she is focused on helping the LGBT community from her side of the veil and as a result has more freedom to be around the living. I also get the impression that she’s acting as a guide to some of her friends now.

My father died suddenly and unexpectedly when I was young, the first year I came to NYC to go to college. I was unable to process it properly at the time, it was just too heavy and life-altering for my maturity level. So I would get hysterical during fights with boyfriends and then find myself talking at my dead dad while laying on a floor crying over the dude du jour. Eventually I realized that I wasn’t nearly as upset about the boyfriends as I was about his loss.

Around that same time I was getting into listening to guided meditations. I knew I was fucked up and that seemed one way to quell anxiety and possibly move forward out of an emotional morass. Which it is, but it’s not a quick fix, that is for damn sure. But a couple of times while listening my dad sort of “entered” into the meditation and I was able to work out some things with him. He also visited me in dreams a few times. It was never a clear voice or a straightforward conversation, which I hungered for. It was more vague than that. I still missed him terribly and suffered the usual daddy issues, but it did help me heal. Dreams are an easy way for our deeper consciousness to roam freely and communicate openly, so don’t always assume that a dream is just a dream. Often it’s more.

My recommendation would be to keep an awareness that people we love can enter our psyche and energy in all kinds of ways and it’s important to stay grounded and clear in order to receive any messages or wisdom or whatever.

And in that direction, my mother is constantly telling me I need to clear my energy field. When most of us interact with people in the world, with electronics, when we enter crowded spaces, we react to and “ingest” the energy in the field. This can clog up our ability to receive intuition or messages. It can also make us cranky, cause us to ingest more alcohol and drugs than is good for us, put us in a state of anxiety, all those good things that happen when we aren’t centered and clear.

This is a great basic list of ways to clear yourself: If you google energy clearing a ton of suggestions will come up.

I have gotten in the habit of simply tapping my solar plexus and saying, “Clear!” to myself when I am out in public and don’t have the time or quiet space to do some big meditation or ritual. I think we have reached a point in our spiritual evolution where we can work pretty quickly if we know how. And if you do any kind of service or emotionally expensive job you need to be able to release on the spot here and there. I don’t always remember but when I do I’m less drained and more pleasant at the end of a bar shift or a loud show. I also find that I am less susceptible to energy vampires when I am clear and grounded.

Anyway, I am happy to share what I know, so feel free to ask. But I have to reiterate that I am no expert. I’m just muddling through like everyone else.

I want to leave you with this. Pride was this weekend and my beloved Michael Schmidt conceived and created a costume for Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) that took my breath away. He put all of the hateful slogans from the Westboro Baptist group on a caftan, which was then torn away to reveal the gayest, happiest rainbow outfit possible. It was such a beautiful way to render those words null and take back the power.

Namaste, bitches!

Author: Raffaele

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3 thoughts on “Addendum!”

  1. So interesting reading about your spiritual connection. I was a very “religious” person, reading the bible, God, Jesus, the whole nine yards. Had an epiphany one day about 15 years ago when I thought that all I was searching, trying to understand, was fantasy. The religious side of the person is one who has been manipulated, formed into a servant of a church, or fellowship. I do know there is an difference between the bible fairy tales and actual spirituality, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum….one is truth, one is a person telling you what he thinks the bible says so you can justify almost any activity including murder. I do wonder why we get thoughts, nudges, like someone is telling us something. Why do I remember an event that has significance upon a decision I need to make, why do I hear wisdom from past family or friends at certain times. I have dipped my little toe in the water of of spiritual knowledge, and when I do it is like there is an empty spot in my soul that needs filled. I have rambled on and on….suffice it to say your writing has certainly inspired me to dig a little deeper. I want to read about clearing my energy field….just think how clogged up and distorted it must be living in our society today. Thank You

    David R Jones

    On Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 2:31 PM MISS ANTHROPE’S HOUSE OF HIGH DRAMA wrote:

    > Raffaele posted: ” I got so many emails and comments on that last blog > that it seems it needed a follow up, keeping in mind that I am not an > expert on anything except my own experience. Some people expressed a great > sadness that they have never heard from their loved on” >

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    1. I love this, David! Thank you! My primary reason for writing these blogs (besides clearing the brain) is because it helps to connect and share/gather information from friends. Definitely work out whatever clearing suits you, it’s a huge help. Especially, as you say now, with the world we’re living in now with so much electronic buzz and heavy information.


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