(Sounds of many men screaming in agony)

DREW: What the hell is going on in here? It sounds horrible.

ME: I have a new phoenix upgrade. I’m just running around setting guys on fire. It’s so awesome! Look!

(More screaming)

ME: I’m an elemental killing machine! I’m unstoppable. I am THE LAW.

DREW: All right, Cartman. It’s just a game.

ME: Don’t slow me down with your petty jealousy, Andrew.

DREW: You look a little crazy. When was the last time you combed your hair? Maybe you should get out and get some fresh air.
ME: Woo HOO! Everybody’s dead! DEAD! Hey, can you get me an ice cream sandwich from the fridge?
DREW: Terrifying. I’m actually scared for our future.

(More screaming)

ME: Did you see that midget’s head pop off? Seriously, I think this just might be the greatest summer of my life!

Author: Raffaele

Rock and roll juggernaut, writer, muse, animal lover, Cycle Slut from Hell, friend, lover, sister, daughter, nerd, fagwoman, Slytherin, killer queen.

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