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Hey my friends – for those of you who might not know, a channel is a message brought through from a guide or other source. Usually the person bringing the message through knows what’s happening and has been practicing for a while. My mother has been a seeker her entire life and now channels messages from Arcturus. I don’t want to get into it with any of you about belief systems or whether you think it’s real or not. I’m simply offering this information for those that are interested because I thought this was a good one. If you want to see other channels her website is
                                                  NOVEMBER 28, 2010

Hello to all.

We are here to say to you that all is proceeding according to plan.  You are rapidly moving out of the old energy and into the higher and brighter light of the new dimension.  We say that what you are hearing and seeing on your news is not always the truth, so keep to your own inner guidance at all times and trust your intuition.  You are being confronted on many sides by the energy of the dark who wish you to stay in the old consciousness.  That is the way they can once again gain control over the masses,  but do not buy into this dear ones, it is a ploy that you have outgrown and no longer will work.  They know this, and are “pulling out all the stops” so to speak.  Just allow these  energies to play out.  They are made of wind and nothing else.

We trust that you will be having much change in your lives.  We see you moving quickly into better circumstances as changes unfold.  Do not despair dear ones, you are moving forward, even if it does not seem to be so.

Today we would like to speak of the energy of ascension.  The energy of ascension is the movement into a new state of consciousness.  It is a leaving behind of the old ways and beliefs, and the energy that  comprised them.  Ascension means ascending into a new evolutionary level  and is something that happens by grace.  You do not simply choose to be ascended and the next day you have ascended.  You must be in and of an energy that is able to handle the higher frequencies of the more refined light.  This is what is happening now to most of you as a result of hundreds of lifetimes of spiritual growth and awareness.  After many footsteps, and many of them bloody, you are ascending.  Gaia is ascending.  Those “modern” scientists who  “poo-poo” the idea that Gaia is a living entity,  will be much surprised at some point in their own evolution.  There is nothing  not living and ascending.

Ascension entails the release of old energies; those energies held in place only through accepted beliefs and concepts.  All is energy .  This is why we tell you that you are now releasing old patterns of energy.  This is why you may be remembering hurts and pains from the past and feeling emotions of guilt, anger, or sadness.  These are old energies that are now releasing from your energy fields in order for you to incorporate  higher frequencies of light.  It is very important to let these go; to allow those feelings to release and move into the nothingness that they really are.  Do not claim them back in, saying to yourself; “I am so guilty, or  I am such a bad person etc.”   This is very important because unless you understand what is taking place,  the temptation is  accept old energies back in because  you are experiencing  them as they flow out.

You  are releasing, but the mind is interpreting  on the levels it knows.  So if you have dreams of some past event that is scary or is weird, but seems very real, it is probably the releasing of something from a distant past that you were still carrying around in your energy field.  Mind  interprets according to what it already knows, and so  interprets experiences during sleep time as something that may make no sense to you.

The process of clearing  uses energy and as a result many of you are feeling very tired and think something is wrong with you.  The fact is  that you simply don’t have as much energy left over for the usual things, when you are busy expending it for  release and integration.  At some point this will come to an end.  Just  lay down if you need to.  Rest more, relax more, and allow yourself to have more fun.

Most clearing is done in a general way, but when an intense  experience buried deeply from the near or distant past is ready to be released, it will somehow come to your conscious awareness either through a dream, a channeled message, healing energy work,  memory, or  some way that enables you become aware of it.  This is necessary in order for  you to release it on a conscious level.  To do this, you simply become aware of it (this may be accompanied by some emotion) , and then when you are ready, realize that you not longer choose this  to be a part of your energy  and consciously choose to release it.  This happens often with regard to sexual abuse energy, or traumas like being burned  the stake in another life, being murdered or events of a horrendous nature experienced when the world was at a very low level.

Do not dwell on these events of the past, they are coming to you simply in order for you to release them. They carry only the energy or power that you give them now or have given them in the past.  You are graduating and do not need to drag these with you,.  Indeed you cannot drag them with you because thy only exist in the lower frequencies.

Many hold on to past events of trauma as if they were medals of honor.  They earned you  lessons, but after that, you must let them go.  Many spend their whole lives reliving and reactivating the energy of traumatic events. This is the ego at work.  We are not denying  that there was indeed much pain in the experience and that there is a need to heal, but  what we are saying is that there comes a time for every individual to let the past  go through the realization that there is no law to support these things, the are not God ordained or God sustained. They are images; illusions created in the third dimension through a belief in duality and separation.

You see dear ones, it is time to move on.  Many are experiencing this as  the need to clean house–  physically , emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  This is new energy of release and movement.  This is the ascension dear ones.  You are ascending, should you choose.  You can choose not to, if you wish because  as always you have free will and there is no one forcing  you to graduate.  If you choose to stay in the old energy, that is fine because at some point, in other lifetimes or places, all will evolve- it is the truth of being.

We say in love,  think about what we have said dear ones, time is drawing short and many changes you will see in 2011.

Thank you Arcturian Group                                                                                 11/28/2010

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  1. Thank you for posting this and tell your mother thank you for providing it. I'm going through a bunch of changes in my life right now and reading this was really uplifting and reassuring 🙂


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