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It’s a snow day! Our tree is up and I’ve been in my pajamas all day with the pets, which is great. Not great – missing my ex-bandmates Vas and Loopy’s band Hanzel und Gretyl tonight because of the flu. Hope they have a great show. I’ll be here with my new neti pot. Sooo sexy.

And in the meantime, Jen from JLG365 was kind enough to interview me. The results are here:

Texting with Guy

1 am Tuesday night:

Guy: Me and Drew hate you.

Me: You’re just jealous.

Guy: We’ve been laughing at your expense.

Me: Like two fat girls in the cafeteria.

Guy: Now he’s hitting on me.

Me: Hahaha! He likes old ladies.

Guy: Obviously.

Me: I gave you that one. I know you’re alone at the party and need to look like you’re texting a friend. 

Guy: Yes, thanks for making me look young and hip.

If You Wait Long Enough…

…you become relevant again.

From Bravewords, the link is here: http://www.bravewords.com/news/127881

CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL Debut To Be Reissued In February


Posted on Monday, December 07, 2009 at 13:18:05 EST

Legendary New York female biker band CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL will see their self-titled debut album reissued on February 15th, 2010 through Ironbird via Cherry Red Records.

According to a press release:

This reissue has been digitally remastered and packaged with new sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome.

The group’s only record, it was released in 1992 and produced by Glen Robinson, producer of the 1989 VOIVOD album, Nothingface.

Cycle Sluts From Hell comprised of four women who made the likes of LITA FORD and DORO PESCH seem like the flag bearers for the Doris Day Abstinence Guild! Queen Vixen, Venus Penis Crusher, Honey One Percenter and She-Fire Of Ice not only looked like the ultimate biker fantasy women but had the voices to carry their attitude way beyond the belief that this was somehow a theatrical spoof.

They were also backed by some of the hottest musicians around – bassist Tom Von Doom, guitarists Chris Moffet, Pete ‘Lord Roadkill’ Lisa, Tom Schoonmaker and Ash Gray, with Scott DuBoys on drums (subsequently replaced on the album by Tony Price).

This reissue serves as a reminder of how good Cycle Sluts From Hell really were – with genuine pace, passion and performance they stood for all that is best in rock ‘n’ roll.


‘By The Balls’ (Dirty Version)
‘Queen High Love’
‘Dark Ships’
‘I Wish You Were A Beer’
‘E.R.K.S.’ (Dirty Version)
‘Speed Queen’ (Dirty Version)
‘Taste The Flesh’ (Dirty Version)
‘Badass Mama’ (Dirty Version)
‘Bloodlust’ (Dirty Version)

Further details to follow.

Actual Cycle Slut From Hell commentary: 
I did get a myspace message from someone at Sony saying they were going to reissue. I’m glad because it means I can stop having to email the tracks to everyone.

I doubt we will see a dime of this.

Chris Moffett, Tom Von Doom, and Scott Duboys did not play on the album. It was Fernando Rosario, Bobby Gustafson, and Thommy Price, and of course, the inimitable Lord Roadkill, who also co-wrote all the songs with the ladies and was the only musician we ever considered an equal partner. Ash Gray is a great guy and played with us on the reunion, but was never there the first time around.

And I don’t know what they’re talking about with “(Dirty Version)” in parenthesis. If we recorded clean versions of those songs I was absent those days.

Still, it’s nice to be remembered.  If only they had forgotten that butt album cover…


Panther Boots

Last night was Storm’s gig (actually 2 gigs, an early and a late show added because the first one sold out) at Joe’s Pub, as most of you already know if you’re connected to me. I really wanted my friends to see her because I knew it would be special, so I tried to push it on facebook and myspace. Electric Dave took some photos and I added a couple here, plus I was happy to be able to introduce Jo “Boobs” Weldon to Storm (a meeting of the titans!).

The show was somehow more phenomenal than expected, and expectations were already high. It could be argued that I am biased but the friends that came along felt the same way about it. I can say with total confidence that Storm Large is one of the finest performers I have ever seen in my life. It was also an emotional show for me as it’s been a while since I’ve seen her perform in person, and many of the songs are so personal that I could not help to connect their lyrics and feeling to the writer that I love and the history that I know. 

At one point she said, “One of my best friends is in the audience. We used to do our weight in drugs back in the day, it’s a miracle we look as good as we do.” I clapped and waved my arms and then had to think for a minute… Did we really do that? It seems impossible now, but I know we did. 

Storm, more than any other friend in my life, is the one that I truly plumbed the depths with. We didn’t drag each other down, we were good to one another and talked constantly about how we wanted to be better people. But we were both unconsciously determined to see how far we could take it. Storm and I have seen each other at our most raw, most fucked up, most vulnerable. We were young and wild and beautiful and full of self-loathing. 

Storm didn’t have money to get new boots so when the heel broke off of one she pulled the other heel off too and tiptoed around the East Village for weeks. She told some confused kids on the street that they were her “panther boots”. I had to duct tape a garbage bag to my smashed-out window after someone threw out all of my belongings without bothering to open it first. Storm helped me clean up the rubble and almost got shot by my psycho neighbor when she climbed a wall to look for my jewelry. It was all just part of the day.

So now we are adults and she is performing in a beautiful space for civilized people. And I am sitting with a glass of wine, watching while surrounded by people who love me and would never dream of throwing my stuff out of a window. Storm has the money for nice shoes. And she sings beautifully and honestly and I felt so overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all, that we made it here somehow. We’re still alive and no one is sobbing into a phone or tweaking out in a stranger’s burned-out apartment with no electricity. We’re actually fairly happy people. 

I could see so clearly that for all of the sadness that many of us have at not finding that perfect romantic soulmate, we have soulmates in some of our friends, we just don’t pay attention sometimes. It doesn’t always fill our hearts in the same exciting way, but it carries us for years, sometimes for our entire lives if we’re lucky. I felt so inspired and happy to see my friend shine so brightly last night, and so grateful that we got to this point. It put everything in perspective for me–how tiny I still make things for myself sometimes when they are meant be grand, and how truly magical our lives really are. I know it’s only going to get better.

Storm & Me
Jo Weldon, Storm, me

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