An Open Letter to Leslie Crocker Snyder

First, I have to just send out a giant, whining, lay-on-the-ground-and-kick-my-feet pout to the Universe because I’ve gotten guest list offers for both Tom Petty and Wolfmother tonight, and I am exhausted and have to get up extra early tomorrow morning, so have to turn both down, and it fucking sucks. I am currently experiencing an emotional struggle with working 40 hours a week at something that is entertaining at times but doesn’t fill my soul. I know that it’s a standard work week and that many people would kill for my job, but at the moment it’s crushing my spirit and I can’t help thinking (as most of us do) that I was born for bigger things and deeper contributions. So I’m gonna think about that and blog about it later.

For now–Electric Dave sent this to me, I think it’s pretty brilliant. The actual link is HERE.

Kristin Davis calls herself the Manhattan Madam. She is not the same Kristen Davis that stars as the prissy Charlotte on SATC, instead this Kristin is one of the people who helped provide Elliot Spitzer with his prostitutes, and she sent this letter to Leslie Crocker Snyder, who is currently running for Manhattan District Attorney. Dave tells me Ms. Davis has yet to receive a response.

I apologize for the small type, I’m not an html whiz and every time I try to change it everything runs together:

Dear Judge Snyder:

You are an accomplished and qualified woman seeking to be elected as the highest law-enforcement officer of New York County. I have attempted to pose an important public policy question to your opponent Cyrus Vance, Jr. without success. Now I wish to pose this same question to you as you seek the votes of wom en across Manhattan.

I supplied high price escorts for Eliot Spitzer during the time he was both Attorney General and Governor. Mr. Spitzer was good for a least one call a week for many years and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on call girls at both the agency I ran and several others. When this became public I was charged and pled guilty to the promotion of prostitution. I served four months on Rikers Island when I could not post bail which was set at $2 million dollars.

Mr. Spitzer followed the same practice he pursued with Emperor’s Club VIP – sending multiple $5,000 checks to evade the bank’s financial transfer reporting requirements – a clear violation of federal money laundering statutes. He also transported the prostitute known as Ashley Duprè across the New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland state lines in violation of the Mann Act. Former New York State Supreme Court Justice Ronald Tills of Buffalo was recently prosecuted for violating the Mann Act when he imported a prostitute from Hamburg, New York to Kentucky to perform sexual services. Judge Tills was sentenced to one and a half years in prison. Why not Eliot Spitzer?

You were quoted in the New York Daily News as saying you would not accept Mr. Spitzer’s endorsement as Mr. Vance did, nor would you asked him to hold a fundraiser for you. You also told the New York Daily News that you “favored equal treatment under the law,” whatever that means.

So I ask you now:
  • Do you think it fair and equitable that Eliot Spitzer violated multiple State and Federal laws and escaped prosecution while I was prosecuted and jailed for a victimless crime?
  • Is there, in this case, one set of rules for wealthy, politically connected men, and a different set of rules for average citizens who are women?
  • Do you think the way the court treated me compared to the way they treated Mr. Spitzer, was sexist?
  • Do you think Mr. Spitzer should have been prosecuted as I was or do you agree that he should pay no legal penalty for his multiple violations of the law?
  • Do you think it fair that Mr. Morgenthau placed my bail at $2 million for a victimless crime while those charged with armed robbery have bail placed at far less?
I have accepted responsibility for my actions and have paid a substantial price. I have no intention of ever violating the law again and am turning the page and devoting my time to being an advocate of reform of the Criminal Justice system when it discriminates against women.

I look forward to your response and hope you will respond in detail to the simple questions posed within.

I await your answers as you seek to be elected to this important office.

Yours in Sisterhood,
Kristin Davis

Early Morning PS.– I just learned that the Tom Petty offer was for a cover night, not the actual man, so I guess the necessity for foot-kicking is somewhat ameliorated. I just got an email from Dave saying the Wolfmother show was great. Le sigh…

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