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So Sarah Palin was found guilty of abusing power this week. Really? But she seems so gosh darn likeable, with all that winking and mavericking and shooting orphaned baby wolves in the head (WILDLIFE DEFENDERS), doesn’t she?

And McCain just crabbed it up royally during that last debate. I felt like I was watching someone’s angry dad. A man angry that the position that he very obviously feels should be his legacy may go to a younger man, a black man, a man who hasn’t served in a war, a man who appears to want to make changes that Mr. McCain does not feel comfortable witnessing.

So now that it actually looks like the right guy might win, the McCain/Palin camp are just throwing all kinds of muddy shit at Obama hoping that something sticks. If it weren’t so creepy it might be enjoyable to watch them flail. Although I’m so terrified of the blindness in this country that I’m definitely not counting my chickens before they’re duly tallied and not stolen out from underneath their proper owner, as with certain elections of the past. Although to be fair McCain, though crankier, does seem less criminal than W.

Our money system is in complete meltdown, causing other parts of the world to melt down, causing people to question the way things have been and what they should be, forcing people to make changes in their lives, damaging people that just want to live ordinary lives. Meanwhile the corporate creeps that are supposed to be guiding to safety the mega corps they’ve beached are taking the taxes we paid dearly out of our much smaller paychecks to go on week long luxury spa vacations. Vacations that most of us can only dream about and would never dream of stealing to get.

I get the feeling they just don’t know any other way to live. They’re so buried in their own entitlement that they really don’t see why we should begrudge $440,000 worth of Calgon taking them away from all this icky reality for a short while. I am under the suspicion that most villains don’t see themselves as villainous. They just don’t wanna share.

And while our manmade issues cause us to wring our hands, our planet shrugs us off in increasing numbers with her giant hurricane sneezes. We are a nasty virus with our overconsumption and drilling and plastic water bottles and landfills and rainforest raping. Whether Cutesy Palin wants to admit it or not, global warming is upon us and unless we make changes in that direction we will be shrugged off of the earth completely. And who can blame her for wanting to shake us?

In the meantime, for the last couple of years my mother and her rowdy gang of new age channelers, psychics, and all around semi-loonies have been predicting the great shift of 2012. I usually believe what my mother tells me, whenever I ask her to check in with the guides for me I invariably get an answer that makes sense. Though my siblings and I do crack a few jokes at her expense, especially when it comes to aliens. I have dubbed her special brand of information dissemination “Momaganda”. And sometimes we snicker and tell her a cloud is just a cloud and they can’t ALL be camouflaged spaceships (sorry, Mom). But for the most part I know she’s on to some deep truths and I’m so grateful that I have someone close that’s paying attention to this shit.

So my mother told me the people that choose to remain here would be doing a lot of clearing of old energy, and I have done plenty of that, at times feeling that I was completely losing my mind, other times feeling the lightness of freeing myself from old wounds and fears that I no longer need to carry.

She told me that some of my friends would choose to leave if they felt they weren’t ready for what was coming to us on this plane. And indeed, some of my friends have left lately, in most strange and unexpected ways they have just opted out.

Many of the channels she sends me state that we are at the end of the old days, the old ways, just not in the way the God hates fags bible thumpers have lusted after so greedily. There is no lake of fire swallowing us up for our evil acts, at least not yet. But we are very obviously at the end of something.

Although I have been very excited about the idea of a great shift into a higher way of life, I have also been afraid to get too fully immersed for fear of creating some magical fantasy future that will only disappoint me with its non-appearance. Plus, along with the hopeful information, many of those channeling websites come with goofy hippie ladies playing awful new age music in the background. And way too many channelers use an Irish accent for their other entity for my comfort. How can so many otherworldy guides be of Irish descent, when most of the Irish people I am friendly with are cheerfully, but completely out of their fucking minds? So both of these items make me skeptical at times. But, the evidence has become irrefutable, just take a look at the news. We are indeed in the middle of a shift of epic proportions, and whether you have spiritual beliefs or not, the shit is going down.

I have been told many times that part of my contract in this lifetime is to bring deep information to people who would not ordinarily pay attention to its standard messengers. In other words, I am (most humbly) one of the connects between our little rock and roll subculture (or what is left of it) and the new age crew and their crappy music but important information. So I read the channels my mother sends me and weigh out what I feel moves me enough to share with you, and what is better kept to myself and left for others to discover on their own. Most of the time I feel that I am not well-informed enough to speak about either politics OR the shift. I’ve simply been more vocal about politics lately because it’s so dramatic I can’t help myself.

This week I’ve felt very deeply that the predictions are shoring up with what is upon us. So here are some links…

First, a long channel that is chock full of interesting thoughts brought by someone who I believe claims in there somewhere to have listened in on some important meetings while in the shape of a cat. Woo hoo! Bring it on!


This woman does regular “energy alerts” that can tell you what’s going on around you in the present. She’s very good, just turn the sound down:


For those of you who haven’t heard, there are many predictions about an alien flyover on Tuesday, October 14. This is the most prominent one. Yes, yes, I know the channeler’s name is Blossom Goodchild. And yes, I do believe there’s a good chance that Blossom is out of her good gourd. But on the off chance that she’s not, at least you’ll be ready on Tuesday.


Okay, that’s it. Take it or leave it as you see fit. And for today’s palate cleanser, here’s a little Diamond Dave. Anyone who thinks Sammy Hagar is a better frontman can kiss my new age ass…

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