I Seen Sarah at Burger King

Excruciating. That’s the word that came to mind repeatedly whenever Sarah Palin opened her mouth to speak on tonight’s debates. Other words – evasive, silly, pandering. Here’s another word: NUCULAR. That came out of her mouth a couple of times before she corrected it back to nuclear. And her favorite word: MAVERICK. She used that to refer to herself and McCain constantly. Drew and I wished that we’d had the foresight to bring a bottle of something home so we could have turned it into a drinking game. Every time she said it I pictured her gunning down another animal in the woods.

Painful. Traumatic. Excruciating.

However, I am trying desperately to be less hatey as this juncture in life, so that’s the most I’ll say on that. I don’t agree with her and her presidential candidate, and I hope they’re outvoted and disappear. But I will move on to say that Biden’s passion and obvious intelligence gave me hope, much as Obama’s does every time I hear him speak. And at least somebody up there answered the fucking questions.

But my brain hurts from all this thinking. I was never meant to pay attention to politics. I’m interested in things like shoes and rock stars and hair extensions. This country is ruining my good time, goddamnit. I need some mouthwash for my mind. So just to get back to the things that are really important, like gays and trannies and silly videos with cute dancers, here is a little palate cleanser for you:


Author: Raffaele

Rock and roll juggernaut, writer, muse, animal lover, Cycle Slut from Hell, friend, lover, sister, daughter, nerd, fagwoman, Slytherin, killer queen.

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