Chocolate Cherry Bread

Sooo… thanks to everyone who came out to hang with KIM and I at NIAGARA on Friday for her supersale. It was really fun and you all look totally foxy in your new gear. CID celebrated her new divorce diet with a pair of Submission camos, and ALISON learned for the five millionth time that her ass is not so big that she can’t fit into a pair of hot jeans. If you have any leanings towards Kim’s awesome denim line, I highly recommend coming to one of these sales as she’ll pick out the perfect pair for you and the discounts are substantial.

WAKE, who also looked pretty damn foxy in HIS new jeans, brought the most amazing chocolate cherry bread, straight out of the oven. Bread AND chocolate in one package? Are you kidding me? It was so good that we gorged on it at Niagara and then sat on my couch in our pajamas the next day tearing and eating it with our hands. So much for no carbs.

I had a conversation that night with the lovely Zoe Manitoba, who has a book deal and is currently in the process of writing a memoir, and she gave me some very interesting pointers as far as finding a book agent, and we’re going to have dinner to discuss it as she has very generously offered to help me out in any way she can. This is on the heels of a lunch with STORM in which we promised each other we would get our proposals done by my birthday in October, so of course now I’m completely terrified that I actually have to get something done and am looking for new and larger ways to procrastinate. HELP!! Storm was on the East Coast helping a friend with her dying mother, and of course is already working on and booked for a one woman show which will debut in March of 2009 and is already blowing away the theatre crew she’s working with. Sigh… I am surrounded by gorgeous overachievers who are killing my computer gaming, Mean Girls dvd on repeat buzz…

Then on Saturday night Kim did a small trunk sale at THE DRESSING ROOM, which is a very cute designer co-op on Orchard Street. The girl that owns it is super cool and had the genius to cut the store right down the middle, making one half a retail area and the other half a very cosy, sexy little bar. GENIUS. You can get drunk and shop in one locale. Which I promptly did, spending way too much money on this necklace:


Which looks far, FAR better in person than it does here. It’s actually very elegant and tough looking, in this photo it just looks goofy and cheap, but I like to give visuals. I was so chipper that I tried to buy Kim the gold version but she’s so rough on her jewelry that we ended up passing on it. My mastercard thanks her for her restraint.

And to my absolute delight my beloved friend DENNIS BOROWSKY was bartending at this little bar, so while Kim socialized and tried on designer goods I sat swilling wine and engaged in ANOTHER discussion about writing. It turns out that Dennis has fallen into writing for surf magazines that he likes and had all kinds of interesting info for me from that direction. The Universe is just not letting me go on this one, I think if I don’t get it together the next step will be how-to books dropping from the sky and landing on my head. All right, already!

One thing that Dennis suggested is to do a blogspot blog for people who aren’t on myspace, he tells me that it will connect me with another set of writers and readers, and act as something to show potential agents. So I’ve set up that nonsense and I’m just going to copy and paste whatever I write here over there. The link is MISS ANTHROPE’S HOUSE OF HIGH DRAMA, I will try to link to any blogspots that you have, just let me know. I’m still figuring out how to navigate it.

And lastly, an ex-bandmate DANYEAL has set up a page for my first band, back in the olden days of the early 80’s. It’s SCARECROW. You may recognize the blonde bass player, yes, that is my ex-husband, the inimitable and completely mental CURT FLECK. Please take it with a grain of salt, I had no clue about what I was doing and make no claims other than we looked pretty good in photos. I’m going to dig some out and scan them for him over the next week.

So this is pretty wonderful, I just managed to procrastinate for another afternoon putting all these links into this blog. Woo hoo!

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