So Drew is playing in two bands. The first is BLOODY SOCIAL, the one I’m often blogging about that attracts a lot of models. They all have long hair and are very superrock and I love the music and get along great with them and we often have long conversations about Guns n’ Roses and Zeppelin.

The second band is GOD FIRES MAN. They’re an emo/indie band that attracts a lot of Williamsburg types and I don’t get the music at all. I stick out like a sore thumb at the gigs and I spend a lot of time commenting on the sartorial style of their fans. But they’re extremely nice guys, fun to be around, and they’re very hard-working and very talented players.

Both bands are experiencing decent levels of success/interest at the moment, and Drew’s just working his ass off in both to try to reach a level where he can make a living playing music instead of working side jobs to pay the bills.

So he has to translate all of the emo workings into superrock terms for me when he tells me what’s going on with God Fires Man, because I am so completely clueless:

Drew: I got pretty good news today. We’re going to play some gigs with Thursday, and Taking Back Sunday has expressed some interest.

Me: Who? What’s up with the weekday names?

Drew: You know those bands that always play Saturday Night Live that you hate? You know, when you get all upset and call me at work to complain that culture is dead? It’s like that.

Me: Oh, yeah… ick… So they have followings? What like, girls in loafers?

Drew: They’re pretty big, Mary.

Me: Like how big? Velvet Revolver size?

Drew: Well, Thursday’s probably the same, Taking Back Sunday is much bigger—like Velvet Revolver plays Hammerstein, Taking Back Sunday plays the Garden.

Me: Wow. So A LOT of girls in loafers. And I suppose those guys with side parts and little bits of hair in front of their ears that they style… Sigh…so there really are that many people out there who like that crap?

Drew: This is a good thing, grandma. Try to stay with me for a minute.

Me: Oh! Yeah, okay. Sorry…congratulations, baby!

Drew: Sigh…

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