There is a video on youtube right now showing a soldier in Iraq named David Mortari throwing a crying puppy off of a cliff.

Although a few people have sent me the link to the video, I haven’t actually watched it. I’ve only seen the first shot. I am incapable of viewing darkness involving animals without days of insomnia and deep depression following. I just can’t handle it.

I am finding lately that I am less enraged by this kind of stuff than truly, deeply saddened. I don’t want to find the soldier and torture him or throw him off the cliff. I just want to make him stop. I just don’t want puppies to suffer because people are sick–sick in the head, sick in their souls, sick in whatever way that makes them incapable of empathizing with another’s pain, incapable of protecting the innocent.

Still, it’s interesting to me that we’re surprised that boys we’ve trained to fight and kill are inured to killing. It doesn’t make sense to me to draw the line in some places and not in others. It’s time for us to realize it’s all one, we are all one, and that none of it is okay.

I don’t want to imply in any way that I think all of the men and women in service are this hardened. I think there are all kinds of people in all walks of life, and although I disagree vehemently with our current administration, I would never disparage any or all soldiers as puppy killers. I’m just saying that as a society we need to take responsibility for the monsters of our own creation.

ROCKET found a website with a some really interesting posts discussing our government and its responsibility regarding acts of terror committed by American citizens. I haven’t finished reading much of it yet, but I thought it was worth telling you about: It’s PUPAGANDA.

As for that puppy, I’m just doing what I always do when powerless in the face of absolute evil. I’m handing it over to God/the Universe, which is infinitely wiser and kinder than I am, and was there when it passed to the other side. If I don’t trust that there is a larger plan I will go mad with the sorrow of these acts.

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