The 69 Eyes

I got a call from a very dear friend last night, drunk and cheerful and on tour in Finland. He’s been my pal since the 80’s, his name is Jyrki and he’s the lead singer for The 69 Eyes. Some of you already know who they are–they are huge in Finland and pretty big in parts of Europe. I get the news of their world progress through Jyrki’s late night reports and I help him with his lyrics (mostly English grammar), which keeps me feeling like I am making a small contribution to the world of rock and roll and gets my name in the liner notes. Now it appears that they’re poised for a shot at stardom here in the States and I’m very excited for them.

So apparently this move towards fame in North America has been going on for some time without any notice on my part. He tries to keeps me posted on what’s going on in the world because I am completely out of touch with most current popular music goings on. But it’s a daunting task; I am completely oblivious and live in my little Led Zeppelin bubble where rock stars are still sexy and cool and no one has ever heard of Good Charlotte or the Pussycat Dolls. It works quite well for me, except when people I love call from Finland expecting me to have seen them on MTV.

I dutifully looked on the MTV site this morning and there they are, featured on the show Advance Warning. They were also on Bam Margara’s show (whoever and whatever that is!) a few times and are headlining the Bowery Ballroom in March as part of a headlining tour across the U.S. So as penance for my head in the sand approach to popular culture I am using my blog to get the word out.

The 69 Eyes started out as a glam rock band back in the hair days. They have since morphed into a goth outfit with some Elvis and punk leanings added to the glam/goth mix. They love old school rock and roll and incorporate elements of it into their sound. It’s a little corny but in a totally cool way. My friend is very smart and gorgeous, as most Finns are, so you girls will love him. If you want to check out their video on you can go to and scroll down a little. I can’t put the link in because my myspace blogs have not been inputting properly for a while now.

If you want to check out their website it’s And when it gets closer to March I’ll start harassing everyone to come to the show at the BB.

And thus I enter into the morning light of current rock culture, blinking and squinting after a long night of seclusion and denial. I don’t know how you people do it.

Oh, and btw, I know I owe some more blog tales. I’ve had a couple of requests and I thank you sincerely for being interested, I was just waiting for myspace to fix the blog glitches. So if I get time this weekend I’ll work on embarrassing myself and entertaining you with some more stories.

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